WeAreBD works on the go or in meetings.

As former Financial Advisor’s ourselves, we broke down the archaic referral process, keeping in mind the current work flow. By layering psychology onto a technology platform, we removed the uneasiness in the referral process - turning a hard ask into a low risk offer.


Your referral sidekick.

Our mobile application is meant for your prospect to download and is designed to reduce your 10 minute referral process down to 2. Your prospect will qualify their own contacts through pre-selected, targeted questions, and then digitally refer any introductions they’d like to make.

How does it work? It’s easy.

Set targeted questions.

Our application recognizes your prospects relative age based on life events, giving you the ability to pre-set targeted questions.

Gamify the referral process.

The Kira.Fi mobile app is designed to capture the attention span of your prospect, helping them qualify their own contacts.

Refer digitally.

It’s not all games here. We take security seriously. The Kira.Fi mobile app and WeAreBD Dashboard is fully secured using bank level encryption, allowing your clients to safely share contact information directly to your personal WeAreBD dashboard.